Harry Hill's TV Burp. Harry Hill. Image credit: Avalon Television.

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Tue 16th (12:40pm, Gold)

Harry Hill's TV Burp

Award-winning comedian Harry Hill takes a surreal look at television clips from the previous seven days

TV Burp
2001 - 2012  (ITV)
165 (pilot + 12 series)
Harry Hill, Steve Benham
Harry Hill, David Quantick, Daniel Maier, Paul Hawksbee, Brenda Gilhooly, Joe Burnside, Madeleine Brettingham
Avalon Television

Harry Hill examines the previous week's television in his odd and surreal manner. From soap operas to documentaries to reality TV, nothing is safe from Harry's unique style of silliness.

Elements of Harry Hill's TV Burp include his pre-advert break fights, weird songs and the deliberately mundane 'TV Highlight of the Week'.

As it's totally up-to-date there's no way of telling what will feature, but all the major soaps are sure to be there, along with the big reality shows and whichever quirky telly gems catch Harry's eagle eye. Who will join a very exclusive club and follow in the footsteps of Born Survivor: Bear Grylls and American Inventor as TV Burp cult classics? Not to mention which of our favourite soap stars will be on the receiving end of Harry's trademark rib-ticklings? There's only one way to find out...

Our Review: For more than a decade, the week's television just wasn't complete without Harry turning his forensic eye for comic detail to the top soaps, docs, dramas, and reality shows, skewering all the funniest, quirkiest, and downright silliest clips along the way. A brilliantly observed series that managed to cross over into mainstream appeal thanks to Hill's performance.

Perhaps it is not surprising to know that this show became ITV's biggest contemporary comedy hit by quite some margin. It regularly attracted audiences of up to 7 million, was showered with critical acclaim, and picked up many awards, including two BAFTAs and a British Comedy Award, plus many more nominations. It should be noted it wasn't the overnight success many people assume - its first 4 or 5 years were relatively low-key affairs, and the programme never enjoyed a particularly regular slot in the schedules.

TV Burp had its share of great moments and catchphrases, from Harry's loud and moronic exclamations concerning shows like Freaky Eaters, praising The Mustard Shop in Norwich, his comments concerning the nail-bar in EastEnders, the knitted characters, or even just lots of celebrities from the telly saying 'Cataracts?' - it's all fun.

But all of that now appears to have come to an end. Having completed more than a decade almost dedicated to the programme, Hill was said to be left feeling "suicidal" by the amount of television he had to watch to write each episode (even with a team of collaborators), and so the big ratings winnner was brought to a halt. Might it be back for the odd special in future? We would certainly not bet against it - but for now, TV Burp has shuffled off its mortal coil and gone to meet its maker.