Guantanamo Phil. Image shows from L to R: Phil Mill (Steve Edge), Carly (Rebekah Staton). Image credit: Busby Productions.

Guantanamo Phil

Sitcom pilot about a birdwatcher who returns home to Stoke-on-Trent after a spell in Guantanamo Bay

Channel 4 Comedy Showcase 2009
2009  (Channel 4)
1 Pilot
Steve Edge, Rebekah Staton, Justin Edwards, Martin Savage, Beverly Rudd, Sally Bankes, Ted Robbins, Tony Mooney, Conor Alexander, Nayef Rashed, Richard Standing & more
Mark Bussell, Justin Sbresni
Busby Productions
& Hat Trick Productions

Sitcom pilot telling the fictional story of a 30-year-old Woolworths assistant manager, Phil Mill, who was arrested by US Marines on suspicion of being a terrorist after venturing to the Afghanistan-Pakistan border on a birdwatching holiday.

The show catches up with Mill following his return home after a six-year-long campaign to free him led by his devoted girlfriend Carly.

Life in Britain is not quite as Phil remembers it - the credit crunch has claimed both his job and home. Plus he has several thousand answerphone messages to deal with!