The Graham Norton Show - Production Details

The Graham Norton Show. Graham Norton. Image credit: So Television.

"Comic chat show presented by Graham Norton. The biggest names in showbiz join the host on his sofa"

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Comedy Details
Comedy Type:TV Chat Show
Alternate Names:The Graham Norton Show Uncut
Broadcast:Thu 22nd February 2007 - Fri 26th June 2015  (BBC1 / BBC2)
Episode Count:264 (17 series)
Production Company :So Television
Filming Locations:Recorded at The London Studios, normally on a Thursday night, sometimes on a Wednesday.
Laugh Track:YES, Live Audience
Title Screen
The Graham Norton Show. Image credit: So Television.
Regular Cast
Graham Norton ... Host / Presenter (Series 1-16)
Writing Team
Rob Colley ... Writer (Series 1-16)
Dan Gaster ... Writer (Series 1-16)
Production Team
Steve Smith ... Director (Series 1-16)
Jon Magnusson ... Producer (Series 1-16)
Rina Dayalji ... Producer (Series 14-16)
Mike Altman ... Producer (Series 10-13)
Pete Snell ... Producer (Series 10-16)
Alan Thorpe ... Producer (Series 10-15)
Adam Read ... Producer (Series 16)
Graham Stuart ... Exec Producer (Series 1-16)
Chris Webster ... Production Design (Series 1-16)
Perry Widdowson ... Editor (Series 1-16)
Jonathan Whitehead
(as Trellis)
... Composer (Series 1-16)

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