A new series of this comedy is in production.

CBeebies legend Justin Fletcher gets the nation's under-sixes laughing their socks off with his collection of crazy comedy characters

Sketch Show
2009 - 2013  (CBeebies)
67 (3 series)
Justin Fletcher, Gary Cross, Karl Magee, Simon Ludders, Darren Hart, Richard Sutton, Chloe Dallow, Christopher Driscoll, Simon Grover
Justin Fletcher, Dominic MacDonald
British Broadcasting Corporation

Gigglebiz is CBeebies' first ever live action sketch show and features around 250 sketches a series, all starring the award-winning presenter and entertainer Justin Fletcher.

The episodes feature a rambunctious collection of short, simple, funny sketches packed with funny and eccentric individuals including: King Flannel - a decrepit old rogue with a penchant for trying to outwit his butler; The Berito Brothers - a slightly faded troupe of past-their-best acrobats (two of them have still got what it takes but the third - Justin - most definitely hasn't); Gail Force - a glamorous weather reporter with an uncanny knack of forecasting weather conditions which happen only to her; and Rapids Johnson, an intrepid explorer who never quite manages to find the animal he's seeking, even thought it's usually behind him.