George And The Dragon. Image shows from L to R: George Russell (Sid James), Gabrielle Dragon (Peggy Mount). Image credit: Associated Television.

George And The Dragon

Sid James stars as chauffeur George, constantly warring against formidable housekeeper Gabrielle Dragon (Peggy Mount) in the home of Colonel Maynard

1966 - 1968  (ITV)
26 (4 series)
Sid James, Peggy Mount, John Le Mesurier, Keith Marsh
Vince Powell, Harry Driver
Associated Television

George Russell, chauffeur, odd-job man, and all-round assistant to the retired Colonel Maynard, has a fairly cushy lifestyle.

George serves his employer faithfully but his workload is relatively light and he's perfected a way of filling the slower days: he's an habitual womaniser with a cheeky charm, and has driven away more than his far share of female cook-cum-housekeepers with his amorous advances!

Following the latest departure, the local employment agency comes up with a replacement almost immediately - and it seems that George has finally met his match in the formidable Gabrielle Dragon.

Our Review: This is a marvellous series, packed with laughs and yet sadly little-known. The master of comic reactions, Sid James, was at the top of his game in the late 1960s, and his on-screen pairing with (and often against!) Peggy Mount as the formidable Gabrielle Dragon is a master-stroke of comedy casting.

The other princple cast members - Dad's Army star John Le Mesurier as the delightfully vague Colonel Maynard, and Keith Marsh as simple gardener Ralph - put in equally excellent support performances.

Together, the group's performances really bring to life the wonderfully funny scripts of Powell and Driver, adding an extra sparkle and riotousness beyond the story on the page.

George And The Dragon is a genuine, under-appreciated, near-forgotten jewel of British comedy.