Episode 2.4 - The Unkindest Cut Of All

Mildred's even snobbier sister, Ethel, and her husband visit the Ropers for dinner. Unfortunately, George has forgotten to pay the electricity bill...

First Broadcast Details

Mon 5th December 1977
30 minutes

Main Repeats

Note: Any repeats of this episode broadcast before 2009 are not shown
  • Thu 23rd Jan 2014 (5:20pm, ITV3)
  • Fri 14th Nov 2014 (5:15pm, ITV3)
  • Thu 19th Nov 2015 (5:20pm, ITV3)
  • Fri 20th Nov 2015 (6:00am, ITV3)

Episode 2.4 Cast & Crew

Regular Cast
Yootha Joyce ... Mildred Roper
Brian Murphy ... George Roper
Norman Eshley ... Jeffrey Fourmile
Sheila Fearn ... Ann Fourmile
Nicholas Bond-Owen ... Tristram Fourmile
Guest Cast
Reginald Marsh ... Humphrey
Avril Elgar ... Ethel
Norman Mitchell ... Ted (Electricity Board Man)
Writing Team
Johnnie Mortimer ... Writer
Brian Cooke ... Writer
Production Team
Peter Frazer-Jones ... Director
Peter Frazer-Jones ... Producer
David Richens ... Production Design
Roger Webb ... Composer
Campbell Keenan ... Editor

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