Episode 1.6 - Stewart Lee

Stewart Lee, the stand-up comedian and co-creator of the controversal Jerry Springer: The Opera becomes this week's guest.

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In-Depth Episode Synopsis

Warning: the below synopsis may contain spoilers


- Swimming lanes placed alongside cycling lanes: Not genius

- Virtual reality headsets for chickens: Genius

- Speed genius: Stewart considers some more ideas and gives his view instantly: Paint funny faces on airbags to defuse the tension around the scene of a car crash (Genius); Scratch-and-sniff airline sick bags to help you vomit (Not genius); Have all announcements in airports, railway stations, shopping centres and post offices read by Brian Blessed (Not genius); a website called "Socks Reunited" to help people find missing socks (Not genius); the political party that wins the general elections rules the country by day and the opposition rule by night (Not genius); a plan to stop world hunger by... (Run out of time).

- All vans which deliver fattening food should be on the move so that fat people have to chase after it and therefore get fit: Not genius.

- Wire a piano up to candles held by members of a choir. When one the lights is turned on, the member holding the light sings a certain not: Winner

Red Button Extras

- An animated scene featuring more of what the chicken is seeing in its virtual reality headset.

- An extended scene of the piano-choir with Dave playing "Rock Around the Clock".

- A selection of the best scenes from the series.

First Broadcast Details

Fri 1st May 2009
30 minutes

Main Repeats

  • Wed 19th Jan 2011 (6:35pm, Dave)
  • Wed 2nd Feb 2011 (6:30pm, Dave)
  • Mon 5th Sep 2011 (11:20am, Dave)
  • Mon 5th Sep 2011 (3:20pm, Dave)

Episode 1.6 Cast & Crew

Regular Cast
Dave Gorman (I) ... Host / Presenter
Guest Cast
Stewart Lee ... Guest
Production Team
John L Spencer ... Director
Simon Nicholls ... Producer
Ali Bryer Carron ... Exec Producer
Armando Iannucci ... Exec Producer
Simon Rogers ... Production Design
Mark Lawrence ... Editor
Nick Peto ... Editor

Video Clip From This Episode

Remote controlled choir

Meet the strangest choir you've ever seen.

Featuring: Dave Gorman, Stewart Lee.

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