Episode 1.3 - Jonathan Pryce

One of Britain's greatest actors, Jonathan Pryce, comes along to judge the ideas of the British public.

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In-Depth Episode Synopsis

Warning: the below synopsis may contain spoilers


- Weighing scales built into shoes: Genius

- Have appropriate regional accents for weather forecasts so you know which part to listen to (e.g. a Yorkshire accent for the weather in Yorkshire): Genius

- Making the Isle of Wight symmetrical to increase tourism: Winning genius

- A-bear-toirs: a place where naughty children go to have their teddy bear destroyed: Not genius

(Ideas from the reject bin included making coffeemate with actual coffee; one-size-fits-all wheelbarrows; back-up shoes, in which there is a spare shoe in the heel of each shoe in case your shoe gets lost; pre-slice vegetables in order to cut down on knife crime; 25-hour moisturiser for people who want a lay-in; "Bikes for Mikes" in which anyone called "Mike" would get a bike and anyone called "Michael" would get a bicycle; build a rollercoaster near Gateshead; renting houses; and a separate emergency phone number for hoax calls.)

Red Button Extras

- Extra idea - Mouse Trap: The Musical: Not genius.

- A guide to making an a-bear-trois rack.

- Speed genius: Jonathan considers some more ideas and gives his view instantly: Colour-coordinating everything in supermarkets so that similar coloured items are next to each other, e.g. carrots next to oranges (Genius); Backwards news - start with the least important events and finish with the most important (Genius); Interforna, which is like Interflora but with toads (Not genius); save money on the 2012 Olympics by outsourcing it to Beijing (Genius); every car should have a "How am I driving?" sticker and the number printed should be that of the driver's parents (Not genius); everyone should have their own theme tune (Genius); and an idea to solve the problems in the middle east (time runs out before idea is given).

First Broadcast Details

Fri 3rd April 2009
30 minutes

Main Repeats

  • Sat 22nd May 2010 (9:00pm, Dave)
  • Sat 4th Dec 2010 (7:40pm, Dave)
  • Sat 24th Sep 2011 (9:40am, Dave)
  • Sat 24th Sep 2011 (3:20pm, Dave)

Episode 1.3 Cast & Crew

Regular Cast
Dave Gorman (I) ... Host / Presenter
Guest Cast
Jonathan Pryce ... Guest
Production Team
John L Spencer ... Director
Simon Nicholls ... Producer
Ali Bryer Carron ... Exec Producer
Armando Iannucci ... Exec Producer
Simon Rogers ... Production Design
Mark Lawrence ... Editor
Nick Peto ... Editor

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Is the idea of destroying naughty children's teddy bears genius or not?

Featuring: Dave Gorman, Jonathan Pryce.

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