Genius With Dave Gorman - Production Details

Genius With Dave Gorman. Dave Gorman. Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.

"A TV version of Dave Gorman's radio series, in which he and celebrity guests decide which of the public's ideas are "Genius""

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Comedy Details
Comedy Type:TV Panel Show
Alternate Names:Genius
Tagline(s):The show all about your ideas.
Broadcast:Tue 30th November 1999 - Sun 31st October 2010  (BBC2)
Episode Count:13 (pilot + 2 series)
Production Company :British Broadcasting Corporation
Filming Locations:Series 1 recorded at BBC Television Centre 23/9 24/9 30/9 1/10 9/10 and 10/10 2008. Series 2 recorded at BBC Television Centre on 24/5, 25/5, 1/6, 2/6, 10/6, 11/6 2010.
Soundtrack:Title music composed by Grandmaster Gareth and performed by Misty's Big Adventure. Incidental music is by Osymyso.
Laugh Track:YES, Live Audience
Regular Cast
Dave Gorman (I) ... Host / Presenter
Writing Team
Ali Crockatt ... Creator
David Scott ... Creator
Production Team
John L Spencer ... Director
Simon Nicholls ... Producer
Ali Bryer Carron ... Producer (Series 2)
Ali Bryer Carron ... Exec Producer (Series 1)
Armando Iannucci ... Exec Producer (Series 1)
Paul Schlesinger ... Exec Producer (Series 2)
Simon Rogers ... Production Design
Mark Lawrence ... Editor (Series 1)
Nick Peto ... Editor
Gareth Jones (I)
(as Grandmaster Gareth)
... Composer (Series 2)
Other Cast / Crew
Janice Hadlow ... Commissioner

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