Full English. Image shows from L to R: Jason, Dusty, Edgar, Eve, Wendy, Ken. Image credit: Two Brothers Pictures.

Full English

British animated sitcom based around a 'normal' family

Happy Families
2012  (Channel 4)
6 (1 series)
Richard Ayoade, Rosie Cavaliero, Kayvan Novak, Daisy Haggard, Oliver Maltman, Lucy Montgomery
Jack Williams, Harry Williams, Alex Scarfe
Two Brothers Pictures

Full English is set in the heart of British suburbia where a family much like any other lives - well sort of.

Edgar, a put upon wage slave, works for his self obsessed, borderline-evil Father-In-Law Ken Lavender. Married to houseproud wife Wendy, they are parents to three very different children, freaky weirdo Dusty, amiable idiot Jason and highly strung 'Emo' Eve.

Created, produced and written by brothers Harry & Jack Williams, the show is made using hand-drawn animation, with all the characters and sets created by the artist Alex Scarfe - each frame is individually drawn before being scanned into a computer, which gives it a realistic depth. This work is done by Rough Draft Studios (the company behind Futurama and The Simpsons Movie).