Friday Night With Jonathan Ross. Jonathan Ross. Image credit: Hot Sauce.

Friday Night With Jonathan Ross

A long-running chat show in which Jonathan Ross talked to the biggest names in film, music and television

The Jonathan Ross Show (International Title); FNwJR
Chat Show
2001 - 2010  (BBC One)
275 (18 series)
Jonathan Ross
Jim Pullin, Shaun Pye, Fraser Steele, Jonathan Ross, Jez Stevenson
Hot Sauce

This show saw Jonathan Ross (aka 'Wossy') interview A-list guests - from Tom Cruise to John Travolta to Nicole Kidman - in his candid and frequently unpredictable way.

The host's irreverent humour takes no prisoners and never lets his guests off the hook. But, with his charm and flamboyant style, he fosters an atmosphere that allows guests to relax and open up and allows the viewers in.

Jonathan's gags include candid confessions about his family life, snarky takes on the news, and demonstrations of odd products.

The house band, 4 Poofs and a Piano, perform a short song to introduce each guest. Each episode closes with a musical performance from an A-list artist or band.

Our Review: Britain's biggest entertainment chat show. Millions tuned in to witness Ross' cheeky interviews with the biggest British celebrities and Hollywood stars. After 10 years and 250 episodes, the show ended in summer 2010 as Ross left the BBC to pursue a career on other channels.