Facejacker - Production Details

Facejacker. Kayvan Novak. Image credit: Hat Trick Productions.

"Fonejacker Kayvan Novak returns with his familiar characters, but this time he's disguised with prostehtics, up close and personal with the public"

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Comedy Details
Comedy Type:TV Sketch Show
Alternate Names:Fonejacker 3D (Working Title)
Broadcast:Fri 16th April 2010 - Tue 1st May 2012  (C4)
Episode Count:11 (2 series)
Production Company :Hat Trick Productions
Laugh Track:NO, Laugh Track Free
Regular Cast
Kayvan Novak ... Various
Danny Babington ... Lionel Tibbs (Series 1)
Rahim Gharache ... Iraqi Translator (Series 1)
Writing Team
Kayvan Novak ... Writer
Ed Tracy ... Writer (Series 1)
Production Team
Tom Thostrup ... Series Producer
Ed Tracy ... Director
Michael Livingstone ... Series Producer (Series 1)
Kayvan Novak ... Director
Tom Thostrup ... Director (Series 2)
Mario Stylianides ... Exec Producer (Series 1)
Helen Williams ... Exec Producer (Series 2)
Mark Davies ... Editor
Malcolm Finch ... Editor (Series 1)
Andy Kinnear ... Editor (Series 1)
Mark Williams (II) ... Editor
Justin Tracy ... Composer (Series 1)
Gareth Heal ... Editor (Series 2)

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