Facejacker. Kayvan Novak. Image credit: Hat Trick Productions.


Fonejacker Kayvan Novak returns with his familiar characters, but this time he's disguised with prostehtics, up close and personal with the public

Fonejacker 3D (Working Title)
Sketch Show
2010 - 2012  (Channel 4)
11 (2 series)
Kayvan Novak, Danny Babington, Rahim Gharache
Kayvan Novak, Ed Tracy
Hat Trick Productions

Facejacker is a spin-off from the creators of the BAFTA-winning Fonejacker. Kayvan Novak once again plays the man of mystery, but this time he's up close and personal with his subjects rather than on the end of a phone.

Disguised with the aid of prosthetics, Kayvan plays a dazzling multitude of fictional characters, some familiar and some brand new, including the charismatic and many times divorced car salesman Terry Tibbs; scamster Augustus Kwembe, who has various schemes to try and get people to part with their bank details; and irritating complaint monger Dufrais. All are thrust into real-life situations where they butt up against unsuspecting members of the public.

Brand new faces for the TV version of the show include charlatan art critic Brian Badonde, and Dr Ali, formerly Saddam Hussein's plastic surgeon of choice.

Facejacker takes Fonejacker to another dimension, showcasing Kayvan Novak's amazing array of voices and characters as well as his sublime comic improvisational skills.

In the second series Facejacker goes global, with Kayvan Novak unleashing some of his best-known characters in America.

Our Review: Facejacker is watch-through-your-fingers embarrassing at times, but Kayvan Novak's fearless performance helps to keep up the humour.

It's not a show suited to all, some of our message board's most enthusiastic fans of 'embarrassment comedy' haven't warmed to the series.

Nevertheless, Channel 4 are pretty pleased with the show, hence commissioning the second run which includes a trip to American to prank foreigners.