Epic Win. Alexander Armstrong. Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.

Epic Win

Comedy show in which British eccentrics showcase unique passions. Alexander Armstrong hosts, with announcer Joe Lycett

Alexander Armstrong's Epic Win
Panel Show
2011  (BBC One)
6 (1 series)
Alexander Armstrong, Joe Lycett
Andrew Brereton, Gary Delaney, Henry Paker, Paul Powell, David Reilly
British Broadcasting Corporation

Epic Win is the first Saturday night format to marry the worlds of panel show comedy with talent show entertainment. But Epic Win isn't a talent contest for fame hungry wannabes; it's all about Great British eccentrics showcasing unique passions and skills that you couldn't see anywhere else. Like the Smurf collector who can recognise any figurine by its silhouette. Or the full time accountant (part time contortionist) who has mastered the art of kicking himself in the head. Or the garden shed inventor who made a backpack snow-machine so it can feel like Christmas wherever he goes.

From a man who can read hundreds of barcodes, to high-speed mobility scooter racing, plus men who can identify species of fish just by having them slapped in their face - no challenge is too weird, wacky and wonderful for this show.

The acts might not be about to win a spot on the Royal Variety Show but they might win a place in your heart as they perform to find out just how much their ability is worth - and that's what Epic Win is all about.

Each week these individuals will perform their unique skills in front of a studio audience.

Following the "heroic" challenges, each panellist will put a secret cash value on our unsung heroes' talents of up to £1000, making a total jackpot of £3000. The challenger then has to guess how much the panel thinks they're worth, facing an automatic increasing totalizer. If they guess correctly, they get the total amount. If they guess below the amount, they get whatever they have guessed. But, if they over-estimate their worth, they walk away with nothing and exit through the "epic fail" door.

Our Review: This show didn't really manage to hit the spot and Alexander Armstrong confirmed in March 2012 that it won't be returning for a second series.