Series 1 (2014)

1. Episode One

First Broadcast: Fri 21st February 2014

Margate lad Alfie gets an unwelcome surprise at the altar. Turns out fiancé Carly's had second thoughts, brought about by a randy snog on her hen night. Single for the first time since he was sixteen, Alfie's life is about to change forever - unless he can win Carly back...

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2. Episode Two

First Broadcast: Fri 28th February 2014

After ditching Alfie at the altar, blonde bombshell Carly is back from her husband-free honeymoon with a brand new beau in tow.

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3. Episode Three

First Broadcast: Fri 7th March 2014

Keen to keep their kiss under wraps for fear of hurting Carly, Alfie and Michelle go their separate ways. But Carly's got more important things on her mind - she's started online dating and she's having a blast! So why should Alfie and Michelle stop themselves from taking the plunge too?

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4. Episode Four

First Broadcast: Fri 14th March 2014

After walking out on Michelle last week, Alfie wants to make it up her - that is until he begins to think Carly wants him back. Confused about his future, Alfie turns to his dad Snowy - who's just arrived out of the blue - for some much needed relationship advice.

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5. Episode Five

First Broadcast: Fri 21st March 2014

Still reeling with the knowledge that Carly is now dating his boss Maartie, Alfie decides to take on the egotistical South African in the Margate fun run. Keen to make amends with Michelle, Alfie asks her to help him train for the race. But Michelle thinks Alfie has other motives.

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6. Episode Six

First Broadcast: Fri 28th March 2014

After his "moment of madness" with Carly last week, can Alfie come clean with Michelle without wrecking their relationship? Donkey suggests he stay silent but Alfie is convinced the only way he and Michelle can move forward as a couple is by telling the truth and hoping she forgives him.

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