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Don't Drink The Water. Image shows from L to R: Dorothy Blake (Pat Coombs), Cyril Blake (Stephen Lewis). Image credit: London Weekend Television.

Don't Drink The Water

On the Buses' Inspector Cyril Blake has retired and bought a little flat in Spain with his sister, Dorothy

On The Buses Family
1974 - 1975  (ITV)
13 (2 series)
Stephen Lewis, Derek Griffiths, Muguette de Braie, Frank Coda, Christine Shaw, Pat Coombs
Ronald Wolfe, Ronald Chesney
London Weekend Television

Inspector Cyril Blake has retired from the Luxton Bus Company (see On the Buses) and has persuaded his reluctant sister to join him in Spain. He would have preferred to have gone on his own but he needed her half of their mother's legacy to buy the new flat! But when they arrive in Spain things are not the same as in the brochure - the flat is not finished and building is still taking place. The lifts don't work, the sun is too hot and the food is inedible - and don't mention the plumbing!

Our Review: Considered by many to be in the top 5 worst sitcoms of all time, this sequel to On the Buses tried to eke out the last vestige of comedy from a character that had already died a slow death. Despite the return of the original writers to breathe new life into 'Blakey', viewers tuned in to see if the patient could be revived but witnessed its demise instead.