1. Pilot

First Broadcast: Thu 16th December 2010

Dirk Gently, a detective who believes in the fundermental interconnectness of all things, is called upon by pensioner Ruth to help solve the apparently simple and harmless disappearance of her cat. However, when Dirk spots old university friend Richard MacDuff breaking into the house next door he refuses to put the meeting down to mere coincidence.

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Series 1 (2012)

1. Episode One

First Broadcast: Mon 5th March 2012

Douglas Adams' private detective discovers the connection between two unrelated cases: a client who believes the Pentagon are trying to kill him and another whose horoscopes appear to be coming true. When the mysteries collide, Dirk is the only man for the job.

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2. Episode Two

First Broadcast: Mon 12th March 2012

With business far from booming, Dirk and MacDuff style themselves as holistic security consultants and return to the university that expelled Dirk for cheating twenty years earlier.

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3. Episode Three

First Broadcast: Mon 19th March 2012

Dirk and MacDuff are alarmed to discover that Dirk's old clients are being randomly murdered, with Dirk as the only link.

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