Dear Green Place. Image shows from L to R: Mr Henderson (Ford Kiernan), Riordan (Paul Riley). Image credit: Effingee Productions.

Dear Green Place

Scottish sitcom based around Glasgow's park life. Starring Ford Kiernan and Paul Riley from Still Game

2006 - 2008  (BBC One Scotland)
12 (pilot + 2 series)
Ford Kiernan, Paul Riley, Paul Blair, Johnny Austin, Martin Docherty, Jenny Ryan, Carmen Pieraccini, Michael MacKenzie, Gavin Jon Wright
Paul Riley, Mark Cox, Rab Christie
Effingee Productions

Set amongst the green grass of Glasgow, Dear Green Place takes a snapshot of life amongst the parkies and shows the comical reality behind an innocent stroll in the park. From a bone idle horse to unrequited love - with illicit sex, condoms, boring lectures, divorce, necrophilia and scants in the graveyard along the way...

Our Review: A pleasant enough comedy, but not a patch on the superior Still Game which has more-rounded and believable characters in it. Some viewers south of the border may struggle to understand some of the Scottish slang - the editor of this guide certainly did.