Dead Ernest

Ernest Springer ends up in heaven after being hit between the eyes by a champagne cork while celebrating his big win on the pools

1982  (ITV)
7 (1 series)
Andrew Sachs, Ken Jones, Harry Fowler, Janet Rawson, Zena Walker
John Stevenson, Julian Roach
Central Independent Television

Ernest Springer has finally been able to give up teaching after winning the football pools and, in the middle of the celebrations to collect his cheque, he is hit between the eyes by a champagne cork.

When he awakes he finds himself in heaven - the British section, of course. His death has been an administrative blunder but Ernest can't be sent back as his kidneys have already been given to a bus conductor from Dagenham! What he finds is a place full of bureaucracy and administration - not a bit like the afterlife he expected.

Our Review: Heaven turned out to be a less than idyllic place in this comedy - more of a holiday camp complete with the archangels as 'red' coats. Harry Fowler could well have been accused of reprising his character of 'Flogger' Hoskins from The Army Game as Cherub Fred.