Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure. Dave Gorman. Image credit: Avalon Television.

Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure

Dave Gorman tells the tale of how a game on the internet lead him on a trip around the world in a search for 'Googlewhacks'

Googlewhack Adventure
2004  (Channel 4)
Dave Gorman
Dave Gorman
Avalon Television
& Channel 4 Television Corporation

31-year-old comedian Dave Gorman, while busy trying to work on a novel, learns from someone on the internet that his website is a 'Googlewhack'.

To explain, Googlewhacking is a game in which you type two words into the search engine Google. If you type in two words, and it comes back with just one website in the results, you've found a Googlewhack.

Once Gorman learns about Googlewhacking, he starts to play the game himself, which leads to a Googlewhack he found finding another Googlewhack, which happens to belong to a website created by another man called Dave Gorman. This Gorman proposes a bet to the original Gorman: To find 10 Googlewhacks in a row, if each Googlewhack has to find 2 more Googlewhacks... all before his 32nd birthday.

Our Review: One of the most original stand-up shows of recent times. It actually features a plot for starters. Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure helped to cement Gorman's position as the current master of 'documentary comedy' - watch this and you'll soon understand why.