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Curry & Chips. Kevin O'Grady (Spike Milligan). Image credit: London Weekend Television.

Curry & Chips

Antics on the shop floor of Lillicrap Ltd, makers of seaside novelties; friction comes to the factory when a new, foreign employee begins work

1969  (ITV)
6 (1 series)
Spike Milligan, Eric Sykes, Kenny Lynch, Norman Rossington, Sam Kydd, Geoffrey Hughes, Fanny Carby, Jerold Wells
Johnny Speight
London Weekend Television

"Paki Paddy" Kevin O'Grady joins the staff of Lillicrap Ltd, manufacturers of seaside novelties, practical jokes and the like, and is confronted with a wave of racism from his new co-workers - even Kenny, himself a black man.

Our Review: Starring Spike Milligan blacked-up as "Paki Paddy" Kevin O'Grady (he claimed to be Irish on his father's side), and with racist terms thrown between the main characters casually, and even the black Kenny, vocal in his dislike of Pakistanis (played by Kenny Lynch), there should be no surprise that Curry & Chips was a highly controversial offering from LWT and the pen of Johnny Speight.

Not a particularly remarkable sitcom in terms of its comedy value, but an interesting watch nonetheless - although certainly not one that we would recommend to the more sensitive or PC viewer.

Coincidentally, Curry & Chips was also LWT's first colour sitcom.