Series 1 (2013)

1. Memory Man

First Broadcast: Mon 8th July 2013

Max Baker, Count Arthur's old partner from the early days in variety, has died. His son Michael tracks down Arthur in the hope of interviewing him for a book. Michael is soon treated to a performance of Arthur's world famous Memory Man act.

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First Broadcast: Mon 15th July 2013

When Michael makes the mistake of getting Arthur online, he ends up being mistaken for a murderer.

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3. The Radio Play

First Broadcast: Mon 22nd July 2013

Much to everyone's surprise, including his own, Arthur gets a part in a radio play. Meanwhile Michael finds house sitting for Arthur is a dangerous thing to do.

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4. Arthur's Big Moment

First Broadcast: Tue 30th July 2013

When a riot forces everyone into a back room in the café, Arthur takes the opportunity to stage his one-man tribute to The Musical.

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5. Doctor Two

First Broadcast: Tue 6th August 2013

A dog bite leads to an eventful visit to a hospital for Arthur and Michael. Arthur discovers an exciting new stage in his career, to Michael's considerable surprise.

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6. Seance

First Broadcast: Tue 13th August 2013

In attempting to contact an old friend, Arthur and Michael realise that goodbyes are difficult.

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