Clone. Clone (Stuart McLoughlin). Image credit: Roughcut Television.


A team-written sitcom about the first human clone - the clone is intended to be a super soldier, but the prototype is lacking in so many ways

2008  (BBC Three)
6 (1 series)
Jonathan Pryce, Stuart McLoughlin, Mark Gatiss, Fiona Glascott, Oliver Maltman
Adam Chase, Alexa Junge, Toby Davies, Paul Doolan, Maggie Bandur, Ed Weeks
Roughcut Television

Clone opens with brilliant scientist Dr. Victor Blenkinsop unveiling the result of his life's work: The first human clone. Intended to be a prototype super soldier who will eventually replace Britain's volunteer army, the Doctor quickly realises his super weapon is more likely to hug someone than shoot them.

Clone is a classic 'fish out of water' comedy revolving around the education of an innocent who is seeing and experiencing our world for the first time. It might also be described as a 'buddy comedy' about a modern Dr. Frankenstein and his monster.

Our Review: This sitcom made a terrible first impression. The later episodes were a little better (episode four was fairly enjoyable), however overall this comedy has got to be in the running for being named the worst sitcom in our annual end-of-year poll.

The creators (the highly respected Adam Chase and Ash Atalla) completely threw away the potential of the good premise (the classic fish out of water setup), and instead opted to deliver a programme devoid of any good jokes... or, for that matter, any jokes at all!

When a comedy has to resort to cheap, poorly executed slapstick (witness Clone falling over in episode one) you know it is in trouble!

The signs this show was going to be a disaster were evident for some time actually. For example, many of the audience walked out of the studio recordings before filming had finished. As a result, one has to ask why BBC Three didn't drop an axe on it earlier. Did they learn nothing from Lab Rats?