Chef!. Image credit: Crucial Films.


Sitcom starring Lenny Henry as a top chef whose personal and management skills do not match his culinary abilities

1993 - 1996  (BBC One)
20 (3 series)
Lenny Henry, Caroline Lee Johnson, Roger Griffiths
Peter Tilbury, Geoffrey Deane, Paul Makin
Crucial Films

Gareth Blackstock, executive chef at posh restaurant Le Chateau Anglais deep in rural Oxfordshire, is a minor culinary genius and obsessed with producing perfect cuisine.

Unfortunatley for Gareth, his wife, and not to mention his staff, his management and interpersonal skills don't quite match his abilities in the kitchen or his ambitions. Food is his world, his raison d'ĂȘtre, and everything else comes second...

Our Review: This sitcom was specifically written so Lenny Henry could play the sarcastic, egotistical chef, indeed a role he fulfilled to perfection. Whilst it started off strongly and was certainly enjoyable, it proved to be a rather average sitcom in many respects, and fizzled out after three series.