Series 1 (1973)

1. Episode One

First Broadcast: Thu 13th September 1973

Henry Newhouse receives letters at home from one of his girlfriends, and suddenly becomes 'sick' in order to intercept the postman each morning. The sudden ceasement of the letters only worries him further.

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2. Episode Two

First Broadcast: Thu 20th September 1973

Convinced that an especailly nosey neighbour has seen him in an Italian restaurant having a romantic meal with another woman, Henry feels he must do what he can to ensure her silence.

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3. Episode Three

First Broadcast: Thu 27th September 1973

Henry makes a cross-country trip when his son is threatened with expulsion from his exclusive private boarding school - for taking dirty photos of the new maths mistress.

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4. Episode Four

First Broadcast: Mon 1st October 1973

Arthur, Henry's business partner, returns from a trip abroad with the news that his wife is having an affair, and that he has consequently hidden a tape recorder in his apartment in order to record her disloyal bedroom activities...

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5. Episode Five

First Broadcast: Mon 15th October 1973

Henry has organised a beauty pageant, Miss European Dairy Produce, but manages to get both more and less than he had bargained for, from Miss West Germany!

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6. Episode Six

First Broadcast: Mon 22nd October 1973

Henry gets a proposition such that he fails to rise to the challenge. Carol, it seems, has had no such qualms about what she has been offered - and all by close family friends!

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7. Episode Seven

First Broadcast: Mon 29th October 1973

Henry appears to have worn himself out, and turns to a regular flame for some assistance. But when her wrestling husband returns home early, Henry's relegated to the wardrobe...

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