Casanova '73. Henry Newhouse (Leslie Phillips). Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.

Casanova '73

Leslie Phillips stars as reluctant womaniser Henry Newhouse, who just can't help getting himself into the most farcical situations possible

1973  (BBC One)
7 (1 series)
Leslie Phillips, Jan Holden
Ray Galton, Alan Simpson
British Broadcasting Corporation

Henry Newhouse - who works in PR - is wealthy, successful, and loves his wife Carol (Jan Holden) - but can't help being a serial womaniser.

In order to keep his marriage together, Henry (Leslie Phillips) leads a double life, but never manages to avoid the most awkward, farcial situations imaginable.

Our Review: Written by the legendary and hugely successful Galton & Simpson team (Steptoe & Son, Hancock's Half Hour etc), Casanova '73 is strangely forgotten. Perhaps particularly so considering its comedic style; farce laden with innuendo in that oh-so-typically British manner, reminiscent of the Carry On and Doctor films.

Inspired by the 1969 pilot/one-off comedy The Suit, it's not without its faults, but they are relatively minor and the series provides more than its fair share of hearty chuckles and laughs.

Ultimately, it's one of those shows that's just good fun, no matter your age.