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Bless This House. Image shows from L to R: Sally Abbott (Sally Geeson), Sid Abbott (Sid James), Mike Abbott (Robin Stewart), Jean Abbott (Diana Coupland). Image credit: Thames Television.

Bless This House

A popular 1970s sitcom starring Sid James. Sid Abbott is, day-in, day-out, hindered in anything and everything by his family

1971 - 1976  (ITV)
65 (6 series)
Sid James, Diana Coupland, Sally Geeson, Robin Stewart, Anthony Jackson, Patsy Rowlands
Carla Lane, Myra Taylor, Harry Driver, Vince Powell, Dave Freeman, Jon Watkins
Thames Television

Sidney Abbott, salesman and average family man, just wants a nice, quiet, relaxing life. Unfortunately for Sid, his every endeavour seems plagued by his well-meaning but interfering wife, Jean; his innocent and often clueless daughter, Sally; and his selfish layabout son, Mike.

No matter what he tries to do, at work, home, or with his best-friend and next-door neighbour Trevor, he is ultimately brought down with a bump!

Our Review: No matter how cheesey the jokes may be at times, Sid James's presence in the show gives it a certain warm, familiar feel. The style of comedy is fairly typical of early 1970s sitcom fayre, and so although many of the situations Sid and his family find themselves in may still ring true, the humour itself will have dated for many.

All-round, a good, fun show, but not necessarily to the taste of more modern audiences.