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How well do you know Blackadder, Baldrick, Mrs Biggins and more?

Radio Times, 19th October 2015

History's unluckiest man, Edmund Blackadder, has got a new series on the cards. Surely his fortunes are going to change?

Written by Johnny Dee. The Guardian, 4th September 2015

The revival of chatter about a new Blackadder series has sent Standard Issue back to the first four. OK, three of them because, well, you know. Rounding it off, Sooz Kempner looks at our hero's painful final hurrah.

Written by Sooz Kempner. Standard Issue, 1st September 2015

The revival of chatter about a new Blackadder series has sent Standard Issue back to the first four. OK, three of them because, well, you know. Today, Mickey Noonan looks at what the butler saw in Blackadder the Third.

Written by Mickey Noonan. Standard Issue, 31st August 2015

The revival of chatter about a new Blackadder series has sent Standard Issue back to the first four. OK, three of them because, well, you know. First up, Hannah Dunleavy looks at the second coming of the English nobleman.

Written by Hannah Dunleavy. Standard Issue, 28th August 2015

Talk of a possible Blackadder comeback has got us all excited, even if this isn't the first time we've been told a revival for Rowan Atkinson's devious anti-hero is on the cards.

Written by Morgan Jeffery. Digital Spy, 26th August 2015

Tony Robinson has suggested that Blackadder might go forth for a fifth series, but which historical era should Edmund and Baldrick visit next? From Roman England to present-day Washington, here are a few suggestions.

Written by Graeme Virtue. The Guardian, 24th August 2015

Can a new series of Blackadder top these brilliant moments? Vote for your favourites.

The Telegraph, 23rd August 2015

As a new series of Blackadder is on the cards, The Telegraph remembers Edmund's 30 best lines

The Telegraph, 23rd August 2015

How can anyone not love Blackadder? We may be divided about which series we like the most (I'm a 4, 3, 2, 1 man), but we all love the characters and the stories, but most of all, we love the jokes, the memorable, lovely, wordy jokes that draw on the richness of the English language.

Written by James Cary. Sitcom Geek, 11th August 2015

It was 32 years ago today that Edmund Blackadder graced our screens, which is a good an excuse as any to re-live his greatest ever comebacks, abuse, slights and slurs during his four-year reign over British TV.

Written by Charlotte Gunnell. Metro, 15th June 2015

Richard Curtis has bad news for Blackadder fans - there are no plans to resurrect the show.

Written by Ann Lee. Metro, 7th April 2015

The family of Blackadder star Patsy Byrne have revealed that the actress - best known for her role as Nursie in the second series of the show - was far wealthier than she realised.

Written by Caroline Westbrook. Metro, 15th March 2015

The We Will Rock You creator discusses the First World War, global warming and the mystery of the missing Freddie Mercury statue...

Written by Jonathan Holmes. Radio Times, 29th November 2014

The ceasefire is over: Ben Elton is fighting back. "Michael Gove made a complete arse of himself over Blackadder," says the writer, responding at last to the blistering attack on his First World War trenches comedy earlier in the year. "He is not a bad man but it was a monumentally stupid observation to say that we are not gung-ho enough about the war."

Written by Cole Moreton. The Daily Telegraph, 11th November 2014

Earlier this year there was debate sparked between historians, politicians, journalists and entertainers about the historical accuracy of Blackadder Goes Forth. Critics of the series believe that the sitcom was too critical of its portrayal of World War One. This has led to one form of critical attack dubbed: "The Blackadder view of history".

Written by Ian Wolf. On The Box, 11th November 2014

Writer and comedian Ben Elton has said his most recent novel, about someone travelling back in time to prevent the First World War from starting, was partially inspired by Michael Gove. Former education secretary Mr Gove said Elton's TV sitcom Blackadder Goes Forth, which he co-wrote with Richard Curtis "perpetuated left wing myths about World War 1".

Written by Kirsty Lang. BBC News, 5th November 2014

Has there ever been another comedy both as side-splittingly funny and thought-provoking as Blackadder Goes Forth?

Written by Chris Hallam. Metro, 2nd November 2014

Blackadder and House star Hugh Laurie has revealed he loathes how he looks and sounds on screen.

Written by Mark Jefferies. The Daily Mirror, 15th July 2014

TV characters Blackadder, Darling, Baldrick and George existed in real-life.

Written by Paul Harris. The Daily Mail, 25th June 2014

"She had unerring skill to make the daftest, silliest thing sound absolutely real and absolutely plausible," said the Baldrick star.

BBC News, 22nd June 2014

After the news of Rik Mayall's death, one of the most fondly recalled moments has been his cameo as Lord Flashheart in Blackadder.

BBC News, 10th June 2014

The BBC should broadcast Blackadder Goes Forth as part of its First World War commemoration, historian Kate Williams argues.

Written by Hannah Furness. The Daily Telegraph, 14th January 2014

Michael Gove wants to redefine what we think about the first world war, and it's going to be less like Blackadder. Well, I have a cunning plan for him...

Written by David Mitchell. The Observer, 12th January 2014

The attack by Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, on Blackadder is something of an own goal.

Written by Joan Bakewell. The Daily Telegraph, 7th January 2014

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