The Alternative Comedy Experience - Season One (DVD)

The Alternative Comedy Experience - Season One The eagerly awaited DVD release of Comedy Central's cult-hit TV series curated by Stewart Lee and featuring a cast of hugely talented and critically acclaimed comedy misfits.

This 2-disc set contains all 12 episodes from the first series, which includes performances from Tony Law, Simon Munnery, Isy Suttie, David O'Doherty, Paul Foot, Boothby Graffoe, Phil Nichol, Andy Zaltzman, Henning Wehn, Josie Long, Eleanor Tiernan, David Kay, Bridget Christie, Stephen Carlin, Paul Sinha, Alun Cochrane, Sam Simmons, Robin Ince, Glenn Wool and Maeve Higgins.

There are also a number of full-length, uncut performances and interviews along with a full colour souvenir brochure. The Alternative Comedy Experience showcases each act stripped across the series, appearing in a number of different episodes - with the live footage intercut with backstage clips that eavesdrop on Stewart Leeand the respective performers enjoying the kind of conversations about comedy stand-ups really have off stage. These are the stand-ups other comedians slouch at the back of the room and cry with laughter at. These are the kids that got thrown into the urinals at school. They are not fashion victims, presenters, broadsheet buzzwords, or industry players. They are the people who just had to be stand-ups.

The Alternative Comedy Experience was filmed in front of real comedy club audiences at Edinburgh's The Stand comedy club, faithfully capturing the unique atmosphere at one of the UK's favourite and longest-established live comedy clubs. There are no reaction shot cutaways to laughing celebrities. Instead, a crowd comprised of four-eyed pseudo-intellectuals and unforgiving drunks, is close enough for the viewer at home to experience the sense of danger, and thrilling triumph that pervades real stand-up shows.

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Release Date: 18th November 2013   Product Type: Region 2 DVD (2 discs)   Distributor: Comedy Central

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