Episode 5.25 - Down The Drain

René is packing, once again, to elope with Yvette and the nicked gold to Switzerland - but before he goes, there's the small matter of a missing Enigma machine to deal with.

In-Depth Episode Synopsis

Warning: the below synopsis may contain spoilers

Yvette and Edith both question René about the whereabouts of the gold, but he is not talking. The Colonel and Gruber search Café René for the missing Enigma machine, but all they turn up is Yvette's new underwear.

Episode Notes

Despite being credited, neither Helga, Herr Flick, Von Smallhousen nor Captain Bertorelli appear in this episode. They may have appeared in scenes which were cut for timing.

First Broadcast Details

Sat 18th February 1989
25 minutes

Main Repeats

Note: Any repeats of this episode broadcast before 2009 are not shown
  • Tue 28th Apr 2015 (3:00am, Gold)
  • Fri 7th Aug 2015 (3:05pm, BBC2)
  • Sat 12th Sep 2015 (12:35pm, Gold)
  • Mon 9th Nov 2015 (7:50am, Gold)

Episode 5.25 Cast & Crew

Regular Cast
Gorden Kaye ... René François Artois
Carmen Silvera ... Edith Melba Artois
Vicki Michelle ... Yvette Carte-Blanche
Richard Marner ... Colonel Kurt Von Strohm
Guy Siner ... Lieutenant Hubert Gruber
Kirsten Cooke ... Michelle Dubois
Rose Hill ... Madame Fanny 'Fifi' Lafanne
Jack Haig ... Monsieur Roger LeClerc
John D. Collins ... Flt. Lt. Fairfax
Nicholas Frankau ... Flt. Lt. Carstairs
Hilary Minster ... General Erich Von Klinkerhoffen
Kenneth Connor ... Monsieur Alfonse
Arthur Bostrom ... Officer Crabtree
Sue Hodge ... Mimi Labonq
Guest Cast
David Lloyd ... German Soldier
Writing Team
Ronald Wolfe ... Writer
Ronald Chesney ... Writer
Production Team
Richard Boden ... Director
David Croft (I) ... Producer
David Buckingham ... Production Design
Chris Wadsworth ... Editor

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