All In Good Faith. The Reverend Philip Lambe (Richard Briers). Image credit: Thames Television.

All In Good Faith

Sitcom following Philip Lambe, a quiet rural reverend who feels the calling for a new challenge and moves his family to a run-down city parish

1985 - 1988  (ITV)
19 (3 series)
Richard Briers, Barbara Ferris, Susan Jameson, Lydia Smith, James Campbell, Nigel Humphreys, James Cossins, Robert Bridges
John Kane
Thames Television

The Reverend Philip Lambe has reached middle-age and has become too comfortable in his quiet, rural parish.

Plagued by doubts, he faces a crisis of conscience and so decides that the challenge of a new parish, and all its problems, may help to revitalise his calling to the church. But the inner-city Midlands parish the Bishop offers proves to be more of a test than he had ever anticipated.