A.J. Wentworth, B.A.. A J Wentworth (Arthur Lowe). Image credit: Thames Television.

A.J. Wentworth, B.A.

AJ Wentworth is an old-fashioned maths master at a prep school during the forties - weak on discipline but strong on dignity, he is prone to disaster

1982  (ITV)
6 (1 series)
Arthur Lowe, Harry Andrews, Ronnie Stevens, Michael Bevis, Marion Mathie, Deddie Davies, Marcus Evans, Alastair Callender, Stephen Rooney, Andrew McDonnell, Michael Underwood
Basil Boothroyd, H F Ellis
Thames Television

A.J. Wentworth is a considerate, old fashioned maths master at Burgrove Preparatory School during the Forties. He has no control over his class and his colleagues undermine his authority from afar. He is prone to disaster in whatever task he undertakes but is resigned to the outcome and never complains when it fails. He is obsessed with the honour of the school - and then there's his arch enemy, Matron!

Our Review: A delightful series which can only be described as a joy to watch. A contemporary audience is unlikely to be rolling in the aisles, but we challenge anyone to watch without at least a couple of satisfied chuckles.

Adapted from the stories from the original H F Ellis stories in Punch by another writer from that magazine, Basil Boothroyd. It was a role Arthur Lowe was born to play and the original creator was most pleased to have his words brought to life by such a popular actor. It is ironic that it should also be his last role as he died shortly after the series was completed.