Affairs Of The Heart. Image shows from L to R: Peter Bonamy (Derek Fowlds), Jane Bonamy (Sarah Badel). Image credit: Granada Television.

Affairs Of The Heart

Peter Bonamy is recovering after a heart attack, and coping with an over-protective family and the shock of neighbours who thought he was dead

1983 - 1985  (ITV)
7 (pilot + 1 series)
Derek Fowlds, Sarah Badel, Holly Aird
Paul Daneman
Granada Television

Life after a heart attack isn't easy and Peter Bonamy is faced with picking up the threads. He wants to maintain at least some part of his old lifestyle, but his wife and daughter are being very protective. Even an unaccompanied walk down the street causes alarm and when his wife makes up a bed on the sofa he knows his libido is to blame.

Our Review: Gentle comedy, not least because the main protagonist is recovering from a heart attack and based on the writer/actor's real-life experience. Although the main series was recorded on film and without a laughter track, the pilot was made in a standard sitcom format with a studio audience.