Absolute Power. Charles Prentiss (Stephen Fry). Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.

Absolute Power

Welcome to the offices of London-based Public Relations firm Prentiss McCabe and its bosses - amoral Charles Prentiss and worldly wise Martin McCabe

2003 - 2005  (BBC Two)
12 (2 series)
Stephen Fry, John Bird, James Lance, Zoe Telford, Sally Bretton, Nicholas Burns, Stefanie Callister
Mark Tavener, Mark Lawson, Guy Andrews, Andy Rattenbury, Graeme Garden
British Broadcasting Corporation

Prentiss McCabe is one of London's top PR companies. They can make anything and anyone look good or bad and won't let silly things like morals get in the way.

In charge of the company are Charles Prentiss (Stephen Fry), a man whose skill at spinning is something to be both admired and appalled by, and Martin McCabe (John Bird), a more relaxed chap who is more than willing to stop his business partner when he goes just that little too far.

Also working for Prentiss McCabe are the devious liar Jamie Front, the smart but honest Alison Jackson, Charles's slick PA Nick Mayer, and young party girl Cat Drumford.