Episode 2.2

Freshly rehabilitated, the Old Doctor is attacked aboard a train for his morphine addiction. In 1918, the Young Doctor falls in love with a beautiful aristocrat.

In-Depth Episode Synopsis

Warning: the below synopsis may contain spoilers

The Old Doctor is on a train when his notebook is suddenly thrown at his head by Vlas, a fellow traveller, who tells him he hates morphine addicts. The Doctor replies that there's more to the notebook's author than morphine, before realising how many pages have been used for toilet paper.

Meanwhile, the Young Doctor is shambolically attempting to replace the morphine that has been taken by the now departed Bolshevik soldiers.

The following day, the White Guard arrive at the hospital, asking for medical assistance for a particularly badly wounded soldier. The Young Doctor meets the soldier's sister Natasha, a beautiful aristocrat who insists all the staff join the White Guard for dinner.

After accidentally shooting himself in the foot, the Young Doctor ends his relationship with Pelageya and confesses his feelings to Natasha, but she reveals she is betrothed.

First Broadcast Details

Thu 28th November 2013
Sky Arts
30 minutes

Main Repeats

  • Wed 1st Jan 2014 (11:00pm, Sky Arts)
  • Thu 14th Aug 2014 (9:00pm, Sky Arts)
  • Fri 15th Aug 2014 (2:45am, Sky Arts)
  • Mon 19th Jan 2015 (9:30pm, Sky Arts 2)

Episode 2.2 Cast & Crew

Regular Cast
Daniel Radcliffe ... Young Doctor
Jon Hamm ... Older Doctor
Rosie Cavaliero ... Pelageya
Adam Godley ... The Feldsher
Vicki Pepperdine ... Anna
Guest Cast
Daniel Cerqueira ... Vlas
Margaret Clunie ... Natasha
Charles Edwards ... The Colonel
Tom Forbes ... Anatoliy
Writing Team
Mark Chappell ... Writer
Shaun Pye ... Writer
Alan Connor ... Writer
Production Team
Robert McKillop ... Director
Clelia Mountford ... Producer
Kenton Allen ... Exec Producer
Jon Hamm ... Exec Producer
Lucy Lumsden ... Exec Producer
Matthew Justice ... Exec Producer
Dan Cheesbrough ... Exec Producer
Jon Mountague ... Exec Producer
Dennis De Groot ... Production Design
Mark Henson ... Editor
Stephen Warbeck ... Composer

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