Potter. Redvers Potter (Arthur Lowe). Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.


Redvers Potter suddenly finds himself facing enforced retirement when his family sweet firm, Pottermints 'the hotter mints', is taken over

1979 - 1983  (BBC One)
20 (3 series)
Arthur Lowe, Robin Bailey, Noel Dyson, John Barron, John Warner, Honor Shepherd, Brenda Cowling, Harry H. Corbett, David Jackson, Lally Bowers, Ken Wynne
Roy Clarke
British Broadcasting Corporation

The time has come for Redvers Potter to relinquish his role as head of the family confectionary firm, Pottermints - his company has been taken over and he is now going into enforced retirement. His wife, Aileen, is not too happy about having her husband under her feet either, but Potter is determined to make the most of his retirement. He decides he will give people the benefit of his managerial experience - even if they don't want it.

Our Review: The star was in his element as the self-important busy body, and helped the quality scripts of writer Roy Clarke come alive. Every episode would end with Potter and the Vicar chatting nonchalantly, with an abundance of non sequiturs and neither really listening to the other.

The second series saw the introduction of Harry H Corbett as the comic ex-gangster Harry Tooms, and this gave an added ingredient to the humour. Sadly Arthur Lowe and Harry H Corbett would both die before a scheduled third series could be made. When it was eventually aired, Robin Bailey had taken on the role as Potter and, despite a worthy performance, the show did not feel the same.