4 O'Clock Club

A new series of this comedy is in production.

Musical CBBC comedy based around the pupils and teachers at a school

Four O'Clock Club
2012 - 2015  (CBBC)
52 (4 series)
Khalil Madovi, Doc Brown, Akai Osei, Jason Callender, Simon Lowe, Layton Blake, Dystin Johnson, Liz Hume-Dawson, Dan Wright, Daniel Kerr, Lewis Brindley & more
Paul Rose, Doc Brown
British Broadcasting Corporation

Josh Carter runs things. At 13 years-old, he is master of all he surveys - particularly his school, the run-down Elmsbury High. His art of manipulating everyone and everything on school grounds is second only to his desire to become a rap superstar.

But Josh's perfect world soon comes crumbling down. Ten years ago, another Carter named Nathan walked out of Elmsbury High in disgrace having spent his entire time as a pupil creating mischief of the highest order. Funnily enough, his art of manipulating everyone and everything on school grounds was second only to his desire to become a rap superstar. Now he's washed up. He's hit rock bottom. In fact - lower than rock bottom: he's training to be a teacher.

His first placement: Elmsbury High, where the same Head remembers him with disgust, the custard is still served by the slice and a 13 year-old boy is about to embark on an all out war with his own brother.

In the second series we see less of Nathan, as he leaves Elmsbury to take up a teaching post in Scotland. Another young teacher called Dexter enthusiastically steps up to run the 4 O'Clock Club in his place. Dexter is also the new lodger at Josh's house.

The third series, which was shown on iPlayer ahead of the TV broadcasts, started with Nathan and Miss Poppy's wedding day. Josh is now forced to share his room with his annoying cousin Nero. Meanwhile Elmsbury burns down and so the pupils go to a new school, Fowlmere.

Highlights from the third series were shown in the programme The 4 O'Clock Files.

Series 4 saw the departure of Josh and some of the other characters who had been in the show from the start. The programme shifted to focus more on Dexter and Nero.