The Penny Dreadfuls Present...

Radio comedies in which sketch group The Penny Dreadfuls - aka Humphrey Ker, David Reed and Thom Tuck - present plays around historical subjects

The Penny Dreadfuls Present... The Brothers Faversham; More Brothers Faversham; Guy Fawkes; Revolution; Hereward The Wake; Macbeth Rebothered; The Odyssey
Sketch Show
2008 - 2015  (BBC Radio 4 / BBC Radio 7)
13 (2 series)
Humphrey Ker, David Reed, Thom Tuck, Ingrid Oliver
Humphrey Ker, David Reed, Thom Tuck
British Broadcasting Corporation

Humphrey Ker, David Reed and Thom Tuck write and perform as the Victorian-themed sketch group The Penny Dreadfuls.

Each episode of their initial radio show looked at a different Faversham brother, the sons of Kentish aristocrat Sir Digby Faversham and his wife Lady Alexandra, The British Empire's sexiest, deadliest, and most pregnant secret agent.

From fighting wars to solving crimes, to great explorers to amazing magicians, there is not one field that the brothers failed to impress in.

Since 2009 the troupe have been recording a series of plays on various historical subjects. Their first covered the live of Guy Fawkes. Their second in 2011 covered the French Revolution. A third, on Boxing Day 2012 covers the forgotten English rebel Hereward The Wake.

Following these, two more stories are now in the works. In 2014 they present their tale Macbeth Rebothered starring Greg McHugh. In 2015 their new story will be a take on Homer's Odyssey starring Robert Webb.