Episode 26.4

In a particularly silly show the team get sidetracked from maths and corruption when they hit upon tabloid use of the word 'bungle'. Mitch identifies the group he expects will be most affected by the expected closure of Woolies and makes an urgent appeal for listeners to defy the X-Factor Christmas release. Meanwhile Jon doesn't think the police should be encouraging drunk people to blow bubbles and special guest Holly Walsh serves up some top tips for a credit crunch Christmas.

In-Depth Episode Synopsis

Warning: the below synopsis may contain spoilers


Thank God It Isn't Christmas Every Day (Mitch Benn song)
The hedge fund scam
The Strictly Come Dancing voting fiasco
Maths and the new Countdown presenters
The over-payment of civil service pensions
Christmas credit crunch tips (Holly Walsh)
Goodbye Woolworths (Mitch Benn song)
What Madonna will miss about Britain
More Wikipedia lies (Jon Holmes)
Police handing out bubbles, sweets etc to drunks (Jon Holmes)
X Factor 'Murdering' Hallelujah (Mitch Benn song)

Audience Question

"What medical wisdom has been passed down to you by your family?"

- Research causes cancer in rats

- If you eat cheese at full moon, you'll turn into a Clanger

- Nothing that works. My family are all dead.

- If you want to get served in A&E, take a child with something sharp sticking out of them.

First Broadcast Details

Fri 19th December 2008
BBC Radio 4
30 minutes

Episode 26.4 Cast & Crew

Regular Cast
Steve Punt ... Host / Presenter
Hugh Dennis ... Host / Presenter
Jon Holmes ... Self
Mitch Benn ... Self
Laura Shavin ... Ensemble (Various Roles)
Guest Cast
Holly Walsh ... Self
Writing Team
Steve Punt ... Writer
Hugh Dennis ... Writer
Jon Holmes ... Writer
Laura Shavin ... Writer
Mitch Benn ... Writer
John Finnemore ... Writer (Additional Material)
Stephen Carlin ... Writer (Additional Material)
James Sherwood ... Writer (Additional Material)
Jon Hunter ... Writer (Additional Material)
Nick Doody ... Writer (Additional Material)
Chris Chantler ... Writer (Additional Material)
Production Team
Colin Anderson ... Producer

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