The News Quiz

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A long-running satirical Radio 4 panel show that takes a look at the week's more humourous news stories

Panel Show
1977 - 2015  (BBC Radio 4)
87 series
Barry Norman, Barry Took, Simon Hoggart, Sandi Toksvig
John Lloyd
British Broadcasting Corporation

One of the first satirical panel games created, and still on air today after 35 years.

The News Quiz asks a panel of comedians to talk about the big news events of the week, as well as reading some funny cuttings from the week's papers, as sent in by listeners.

Our Review: A radio show of some worth and of some legacy. It features a wide range of comic performances from comedians like Richard Ingrams, Alan Coren, Jeremy Hardy, Andy Hamilton, Francis Wheen, Armando Iannucci, Mark Steel and Fred MacAulay. It also gave Ian Hislop some appearances during the early years of the show, and directly inspired Have I Got News For You.