Episode 1.3

John Tweedledum and Jim Tweedledee report on food campaigner Jack Spratt, and the Tooth Fairy debates the nation's nutrition.

First Broadcast Details

Mon 28th December 2009
BBC Radio 4
15 minutes

Main Repeats

  • Wed 10th Feb 2010 (11:15pm, Radio 4)
  • Thu 18th Sep 2014 (11:00pm, Radio 4 Extra)

Episode 1.3 Cast & Crew

Regular Cast
Jack Dee ... John Tweedledum
Peter Capaldi ... Jim Tweedledee
Lucy Montgomery ... Ensemble (Various Roles)
Vicki Pepperdine ... Ensemble (Various Roles)
Dan Tetsell ... Ensemble (Various Roles)
Lewis Macleod ... Ensemble (Various Roles)
Guest Cast
Charlotte Green ... Self
Kate Layden ... Ensemble (Various Roles)
Writing Team
Ian Hislop ... Writer
Nick Newman ... Writer
Production Team
Simon Nicholls ... Producer

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