The Genuine Particle - Production Details

"Chaos ensues for a British boffin when the world's major governments learn that CERN's Large Hadron Collider may lead to time travel"

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Comedy Details
Comedy Type:Radio Sitcom
Tagline(s):All the physics is true - only the comedy's been changed.
Broadcast:Wed 10th September 2008  (Radio 4)
Episode Count:1 Pilot
Production Companies :Pozzitive Productions
British Broadcasting Corporation
Laugh Track:NO, Laugh Track Free
Regular Cast
Reece Shearsmith ... Ed Burgess
Geoffrey Whitehead ... Shale
Nicola Walker ... Alice
Adrian Scarborough ... Professor Heimlich
Ingrid Oliver ... Nathalie
Ben Willbond ... Raymond
Writing Team
Steve Punt ... Writer
Production Team
David Tyler ... Producer