The Blagger's Guide. David Quantick. Image credit: Unique Productions.

The Blagger's Guide

David Quantick presents comical, occasionally fabricated quick-fire guides to various musical genres and events

Blagger's Guide To The Classics; The Blagger's Guide To Country; The Blagger's Guide To Jazz; The Blagger's Guide To The Games; Blagger's Guide To Doctor Who; The Blagger's Guide To Eurovision
2005 - 2014  (BBC Radio 2)
44 (7 series)
David Quantick, Lewis Macleod, Kate O'Sullivan
David Quantick, Simon Poole
Unique Productions

David Quantick presents a lighthearted guide to music, in which not every fact is a truth.

In the first two series, The Blagger's Guide aimed to provide an encyclopaedia guide to rock and pop. Entries on artists, movements and places as diverse as Sheffield, Folk, Stadium Rock, Stax and Madonna all featured.

The third series switched to looking at The Classics - Beethoven, Bach, Tchaikovsky and music of that ilk.

Series four, lengthened to eight episodes, returned to the topics of rock and pop. Whilst in the 2008 series David Quantick looked to teach us more about Country music.

The six-part 2009 series presented 'facts' about jazz, and 2012's series looks at the Olympic Games.

There have been various one-off specials since.