Recorded For Training Purposes. Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.

Recorded For Training Purposes

A fast-paced sketch show about modern communication. Much of the material comes from new writers

Sketch Show
2007 - 2010  (BBC Radio 4)
27 (pilot + 4 series)
Ben Willbond, Ingrid Oliver, Dominic Coleman, Lewis Macleod, Julie Mayhew, Rachel Atkins, Colin Hoult
James Cary, Rhodri Crooks, Nat Soames, Nico Rigby, David Cadji-Newby, Michael Ryan, Peter Brooksbank, Kate Chedgey, Danny Myers, Tom Dayton, John Dorney
British Broadcasting Corporation

Recorded For Training Purposes is a fast-paced sketch show that satirises modern media and contemporary obsessions. Created by a multi-award winning team, whose credits include The Now Show, Dead Ringers, Think The Unthinkable and The Sunday Format, it is a platform via which new writing talent is given the chance to work with established writers.

Blogs, wikis and conspiracy theorists are part of fast-paced and innovative mix that sends up contemporary obsessions and the cult of broadcasting yourself. We've got more ways than ever to communicate in this world, but we're making less and less sense.

The programme's open-door policy means that anyone could send in their sketches to this show during the production process. Some 1,500 were sent in this way for Series 4, with every single one being read by a script-editor or producer.

Our Review: This sketch show is as good as any on the radio; there are at least a couple of particularly clever skits in every episode. The fact it's written by new writers (not that you can tell) is a definite bonus - they have brought fresh ideas to the table and written enough material to ensure that no scenario is over-exposed.

Some of the recurring characters in previous series (particularly camp quiz show host Brian Mason; nervous internet podcaster Nameless Phil; desperate-for-love foreign correspondent Laura Gavin; and the entrepreneurial Al-Qaeda video director) were a particular joy - all well written, and performed with skill.