Out To Lunch - Production Details

Out To Lunch. Russell Kane. Image credit: Avalon Television.

"Comedy entertainment show for Saturday afternoons on Radio 2. Originally hosted by Rob Deering and Russell Howard, then hosted by Russell Kane"

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Comedy Details
Comedy Type:Radio Stand-Up
Broadcast:Sat 15th April 2006 - Sat 10th January 2009  (Radio 2)
Episode Count:35 (6 series)
Production Company :Avalon Television
Laugh Track:YES, Live Audience
Regular Cast
Rob Deering ... Host / Presenter (Series 1-3)
Russell Howard ... Host / Presenter (Series 1-3)
Russell Kane ... Host / Presenter (Series 4-6)
Alun Cochrane ... Ensemble (Various Roles) (Series 1)
Gary Le Strange ... Ensemble (Various Roles) (Series 1)
Mark Watson ... Ensemble (Various Roles) (Series 2)
Joanna Neary ... Ensemble (Various Roles) (Series 2)
Dan Antopolski ... Ensemble (Various Roles) (Series 2-6)
Colin Hoult
(as Colin and Fergus)
... Ensemble (Various Roles)
Fergus Craig
(as Colin and Fergus)
... Ensemble (Various Roles)
Katherine Jakeways ... Ensemble (Various Roles) (Series 3)
Simon Brodkin ... Ensemble (Various Roles) (Series 3)
Tim Key ... Ensemble (Various Roles) (Series 3)
Paul Foot ... Ensemble (Various Roles) (Series 3-6)
Micky Flanagan ... Ensemble (Various Roles) (Series 5-6)
Henning Wehn ... Ensemble (Various Roles) (Series 5-6)
Production Team
Mark Augustyn ... Producer

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