Old Harry's Game. Image shows from L to R: Satan (Andy Hamilton), Gary (Steven O'Donnell). Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.

Old Harry's Game

The radio sitcom from Hell - literally. Written by and starring Andy Hamilton as the underworld-weary Satan

1995 - 2012  (BBC Radio 4)
46 (7 series)
Andy Hamilton, James Grout, Jimmy Mulville, Steven O'Donnell, Robert Duncan, Annette Crosbie, Philip Pope, Michael Fenton Stevens, Felicity Montagu, David Swift, Nick Revell & more
Andy Hamilton
British Broadcasting Corporation

Life is not easy. Spending eternity in a place filled with fire and brimstone while the bottom half of you has been turned into a goat is even worse, but that is what Satan has to put up with.

Satan is somewhat world-weary (or rather underworld-weary), and spends most of his time torturing Thomas Quentin Crimp, the evilest human in the world, ignoring his sycophantic and grotesque assistant Scumspawn, and trying to argue with the Professor, a kind human who was sent to Hell because he was an atheist.

Our Review: A not-surprisingly dark series with great moments of satire from the co-creator of Drop The Dead Donkey. One of the most successful radio sitcoms of modern times, having now run for seven series and a number of revival specials, it has won a British Comedy Award and a Sony Award.