Series 1 (2009)

1. Insult to Injury

First Broadcast: Mon 1st June 2009

Newfangle is bottom of the tree; despised by his mother, savaged by alpha male Alf on a daily basis and ignored by Snaggle, his favourite female. But Newfangle is a hominid with big ideas.

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2. Changing Tunes

First Broadcast: Mon 8th June 2009

The tribe are tasked with building Alf the Alpha a giant mound to help him survey his swamp kingdom. While working in the mud, Newfangle finds a rhythm in the clanking of flints in dirt - it's music and the tribe go ape for the original sound. Soon he and Crag are performing their songs to adoring fans, but then the band splits. Newfangle's dreams are shattered, until he meets a mysterious primate impresario in the forest who has a plan for a comeback tour.

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3. Grows On Trees

First Broadcast: Mon 15th June 2009

Newfangle, aided by Crag, discovers that piles of mud can be shaped into shelters from the oppressive heat. These mudturtles, as Crag calls them, prove very popular with the other hominids - so popular that Newfangle devises a complicated payment system based on future harvests to cope with demand.

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4. Bright Ideas

First Broadcast: Mon 22nd June 2009

Newfangle has to come up with a spectacular new invention for the annual feast or he'll end up as the main course, because Alf's recent hunting was a disaster. Will inspiration strike or is Newfangle a damp squib?

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5. Sticks And Stones

First Broadcast: Mon 29th June 2009

Alf upsets the fragile peace with the Australopithecines by mentioning their funny-shaped heads and Newfangle has to develop some kind of super-weapon to deal with the Aussies' superior technology.

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6. A Tree In The Forest

First Broadcast: Mon 6th July 2009

Newfangle accidentally offends the elders of the tribe, who order the other hominids to savage the doubter. He hides from the mob, only to discover that his words carry a new-found power.

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