Mark Watson Makes The World Substantially Better. Mark Watson. Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.

Mark Watson Makes The World Substantially Better

Mark Watson aims to make the world better by performing stand-up based on the seven deadly sins (series 1) and the virtues (series 2)

2007 - 2008  (BBC Radio 4)
12 (2 series)
Mark Watson, Tim Minchin, Tom Basden, Tim Key
Mark Watson
British Broadcasting Corporation

Radio series in which Mark Watson performs stand-up material on a given theme, supported by his 'sometimes unwilling' assistants - poet Tim Key and musician Tom Basden (Tim Minchin in series one). As well as stand-up, the programme includes sketches, songs and life-changing advice, which may turn out to be not-such-good advice.

Series one saw Mark tackle The Seven Deadly Sins. The second series saw him aiming even higher - he promotes virtue throughout the world in an attempt to make it substantially better. Mark teaches courage, patience, generosity, honesty, diligence and humility.

In 2011, Watson, Key and Basden returned for a one-off live episode called Mark Watson's Live Address To The Nation.

Our Review: Clever, well-observed, intelligent stand-up. Some find the accompanying poems and musical interludes annoying distractions from the gags, however others think they're what make the show the unique listen it is.