Gus Murdoch's Sacred Cows

Mockumentary in which pedantic investigative reporter Gus Murdoch examines the sacred cows of British culture. Written by and starring Stephen Carlin

Radio 7's Witty And Twisted
2007 - 2008  (BBC Radio 7)
5 (pilot + 1 series)
Stephen Carlin, Chris Pavlo, Christopher Douglas, Dan Tetsell, Dan Skinner, Neil Edmond, Margaret Cabourn-Smith
Stephen Carlin
British Broadcasting Corporation

Gus Murdoch believes that he is the greatest journalist around - the new Jeremy Paxman. In fact, he just comes across as a total idiot and a deeply annoying pedant.

This show features Gus examining the 'sacred cows' in British culture. Sadly, his cows tend to be very tenuous.

Our Review: The pilot of this show was runner up in the 'Witty and Twisted' competition strand on BBC Radio 7. The full series had some good moments, such as Gus arguing with a pub landlady about the Union Jack (in fact it is the Union Flag, it's only called the Union Jack at sea), but it was generally a bit too slow for us to fully enjoy.