John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme

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Radio 4 sketch show written by and starring John Finnemore

John Finnemore's Sketch Show (Working Title)
Sketch Show
2011 - 2016  (BBC Radio 4)
29 (5 series)
John Finnemore, Simon Kane, Carrie Quinlan, Lawry Lewin, Margaret Cabourn-Smith
John Finnemore
British Broadcasting Corporation

Here's the description John Finnemore has written for his own show:

John Finnemore, writer and star of Cabin Pressure, regular guest on The Now Show and popper-up in things like Miranda and That Mitchell And Webb Look returns with half an hour of his own sketches, each funnier than the last.

Although, hang on, that system means starting the whole series with the least funny sketch. Might need to rethink that. OK, it's a show filled with sketches written and performed by John Finnemore, but now no longer arranged in strict order of funniness. Also, he's cut the sketch that would have gone first.

John promises to stop doing silly sketches about nonsense like Winnie the Pooh's honey addiction or how goldfish invented computer programming, and concentrate instead on the big, serious issues: why do posh men's trousers turn red when they get drunk? Is it possible to collect all the stamps? And who invented the little tripod thing you get in pizza boxes?

In each series John intends to write more sketches, like the sketches from the other series. Not so much like them that they feel stale and repetitious; but on the other hand not so different that it feels like a misguided attempt to completely change the show. Quite like the old sketches, in other words, but about different things and with different jokes (although it's a pretty safe bet some of them will involve talking animals).